Investment Criteria


EBITDA from $5 million to $20 million

Control Position

Businesses Headquartered in North America

Opportunities to Create Value through Active Engagement in Strategy, Human Capital, and Commercial and Operational Improvements

Transaction Types

Family-Owned Businesses

Corporate Carveouts

Complex Situations

Structured Value Creation Program

Milton Street’s commercial and operational improvement model seeks to improve the value of its portfolio companies through improving cash flow as well as the ultimate multiple a future buyer will pay for that cash flow. We are not only focused on traditional “operating” projects such as improving raw material costs, but also on commercial projects such as pricing strategies and new channel developments. At the outset of each investment, the Milton Street team partners with company management to develop a strategy for the company and define a list of actionable initiatives to achieve this strategy. Execution of these initiatives is primarily led by company management, however the Milton Street team is always willing to roll up our sleeves and assist where we can be helpful.

For Owner-Entrepreneurs and Managers

We believe our best and highest use as investors is to create an environment for your business and its people to reach the next level of their potential. Milton Street’s role in the growth process is flexible, but will likely include elements of establishing strategy, team building, guiding commercial and operational improvements, assisting with capital structure management, and executing and financing strategic acquisitions. We value transparency, integrity, and respect in all management team partnerships and know from experience that long-term relationships underpinned by these values generate greater returns than short-term negotiated wins.

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