Milton Street Capital
Private Equity for the Industrial Lower Middle Market
Milton Street Capital
Private Equity for the Industrial Lower Middle Market
Milton Street Capital
Private Equity for the Industrial Lower Middle Market

Who We Are

A Houston-based private equity firm focused on control investments in the North American, lower middle market industrial sector.

Milton Street seeks to consistently generate market-leading returns by transforming lower middle market industrial companies into sustainably great businesses through active engagement in strategy, human capital, and commercial and operational improvements.

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Our Story

Prior to forming Milton Street in 2016, our founding team worked together for over a decade at a large and highly successful institutional private equity fund manager.

One challenge that we believe the traditional private equity model faces is the pressure to invest in larger and larger companies, companies where there are fewer opportunities to structurally transform the business through applying best operating practices.

In light of this, we are focused on the lower end of the middle market, where structured value creation programs can have a more meaningful impact. We have built a model in which we want to invest our own time and money and believe that it is ideally suited for owner-entrepreneurs and management teams seeking to grow and transform their companies.

A Differentiated Investment Model

Milton Street is a strategic, operationally focused team of investors; we are not operators, nor are we passive investors. We believe that by partnering with strong management teams and aligning on priorities, we can drive transformative change in our investments.




years of investment experience


platform acquisitions made

$1.1 Billion

of equity invested

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Respect​

Great Decision Making is Honed by Thoughtful Dissent

Wealth Creation Should be Shared Broadly

Encourage Diversity of Experience, Skills, and Thinking

Enjoy the Ride and Stop to Celebrate the Victories

Proven Value Creation Playbook

Through our many years of working together, we have developed consistent and repeatable processes for generating value. We are focused on complex transactions where we can partner with management to develop strategy, people, and processes before we jointly drive commercial and operational improvement initiatives.

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